Welcome to the THATLou blog. If you type the theme of the hunt you’ve chosen in the search box, articles will pop up that just may help you answer bonus questions. When fragments of text are in bold, that probably means it’s going to help with a precious bonus question. Now how’s that for incentive to learn about museum treasure?!?                             Happy Hunting! Daisy

Dragon Lady Queen of France, Marie de Medici, by Frans Pourbus

Queen of All Things Gaul

So then, it’s the final count down before the All Things Gaul public THATLou this Wed 13 July at 10:30! Ten teams have either won various #THATMuseQuiz questions about Paris & French history on social media (We have fun on social media leaving tidbits of museum trivia by hashtagging #THATMuseFacts and Paris questions with #THATMuseQuiz on Twitter, […]

Annie hosting a hunt to an adoring Henry, aged 6

Announcing All Things Gaul!

This year’s version of All Things Gaul (our public THATLou celebrating France’s national day, le 14 juillet) includes the recently opened  Arts et Deco departments in the Pavillon de l’Horloge. I’ve specifically made it so that all of the treasures in this section of the Sully wing are facing the loveliest courtyard I know of, […]

THATLou - storsh posing as a dog

THATMuse Kid: Museum Fun

Last September when we were in London to build the first THATMuse for the British Museum I wrote a piece for a fantastic Mummy blog called Mumfidential. Here’s a re-post of Museum Mummies: games to engage your kids at the museum Because my mother was an art historian, we spent at least part of each weekend […]

Apparently there are 3,320 panes of glass in this glorious ceiling, as I learned in Yannick Pucci's BM Highlights tour!

British Museum THATMuse!

Big News! THATLou is expanding to London museums in 2016, starting with the British Museum, under the name THATMuse, which stands for “Treasure Hunt at the Museum” For our soft launch, the British Museum is hosting THATMuse focusing on Fun & Games in Museums. We’re honored that the BM is featuring “The Art of Play: […]

Not at a museum, but taken on Mar Dixon's #MuseumSelfie day

THATLou @ #SreeParis

To continue on the THATLou @ #MuseumCo post addressing Museums, Social Media & DEMOCRATISING ART, today I’m imparting some Sree Sreenivasan-wisdom, passed along at a recent workshop. In line with being accessible, Sree glossed over his bio (21 yrs teaching at Columbia Journalism School before recently becoming the Met’s Chief Digital Officer — a post created for […]

@MarDixon, @DianeDrubay and @Sree Jan 2015

THATLou @ #MuseumCo

A lightning bolt of museum social media energy struck Paris last week at the 20th Museum Conference: 352 tweeters reached an audience of 1.8 million in 2 days. Attending it has jumpstarted my return from blogging-lassitude & merits at least 3 Museum Musing posts on the THATLou blog. Two posts to follow: Mar Dixon, the Queen of Hashtagging, is an […]

Group shot in front of Le Senat by Lindsey Kent, of Pictours Paris

THATRue Review

Last weekend’s THATRue launch was an overall blast and the best 2-year THATLou Birthday Bash I could’ve hoped for. All of our adrenaline was pumped and spirits were bubbling by the time we regrouped for a drink near St Michel. While our blogging cohorts were swapping silliness from the hunt co-hosts Kasia Dietz, of Kasia […]

THATRue Launch

Containing my excitement over this Sunday, 30 March’s THATRue Launch is inconceivable! Although the two treasure hunts aren’t entirely finished, I’ve had a ball adding in silly requests to personify fire or sway like a drunken boat, etc. I just hope everyone remembers that this weekend there’s a time change. As some of you remember, I launched […]

Kunitoraya, photo credit: Le Figaro

Things to do in Paris: Where to eat near the Louvre

By Doni Belau, Founder of Girls’ Guide to Paris Of all the things to do in Paris, going to the Louvre is on the top of nearly everyone’s must-do list. I personally tire of it because the place is so huge it can overwhelm which is why I recommend taking THATLou’s Treasure Hunt at the Louvre […]

interior clock

THATd’Or Photos, part III

Continuing on the photo series started here and here, I’ve been having fun depositing candidate shots for the imminent THATd’Or website. If you have any faves of the below I’d love to hear from you! And in the meantime thanks so much to those of you who’ve emailed or left comments on the blog. It’s […]