Three Graces in the Borghese Collection at the Louvre,

Three Graces in the Borghese Collection at the Louvre,

So then, I’ve banged on a fair bit about the Three Graces recently, but unfairly without any substantial help to those intending on attending the next THATLou. The Louvre’s new acquisition of the Cranach Three Graces is great, but it doesn’t answer which theme will be the next public hunt. In case you hadn’t guessed Beauty has won: the next treasure hunt, on Sunday 1 July 2013, will be “Ladies at the Louvre” (We’ll leave Bestiary for the 5 August hunt).

Since you’ve been generous enough to read my blather, the least I can do is throw you a treasure hunt bone. Below is the text which accompanies the photo of the exquisite Graces above — both of which appear in the next THATLou clue-manual. With such help, you must be signed up already, no?



Roman copy of Greek 2nd Century BC Statue

Marble, H 1.19m (3ft, 10in) x W 85 cm (33 in)

The Graces, according to Seneca, stand for the 3-fold aspect of generosity the giving, receiving and returning of gifts of benefits. Three daughters of Zeus, some identified them as Beauty, Charm and Joy. Many myths had them presiding over banquets and gatherings, primarily to entertain and delight Zeus’s guests.  These are a Roman copy from the Imperial era (approximately 2nd Century AD), after a Hellenistic original from the 2nd Century BC. Nicolas Cordier (1565 – 1612) restored them in large part in 1609 for Cardinal Borghese (Did you catch that? It’s a thatlou hint… that this marvelous trio is a part of the Borghese collection). Napoleon acquired a considerable part of the Borghese collection in 1807 from his impoverished brother-in-law, Prince Camillo Borghese. 344 antiquities in total made their way from Italy to France. Yet another example of how a French monarch (don’t forget Francois Premier pulling over the Italian renaissance) reaped the benefits of Italian artistic talent — and Italian financial incapacity.


And remember during the hunt NO looking at the internet – so you may want to remember this Room 17, Ground Floor, Sully Wing address! And while I’m at giving Bonus Question hints away, who do you think is prettier, these Three Graces or the scandalous Paulina Borghese, Napoleon’s sister and Camillo’s wife?


All “treasure” per clue-manual have that up above in bold – the title, period, country of the piece, and when an artist is known, his/her name.

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