Other THATs

In addition to THATLou we also run THATd’Or at the Musée d’Orsay and THATRue, on the streets – Rue –  of the Latin Quarter. In 2016 we’ll launch THATMuse in London, at the British Museum


THATRue consists of three distinct, self-guided hunts all within the labyrinthine streets of the Latin Quarter. All three routes zigzag between the Jardin du Luxembourg & Fontaine St Michel, facing the Seine. If walking directly the distance between these two landmarks is only 20 minutes, a mere kilometer (less than a mile).

One hunt snakes over toward and through St Sulpice, another covers the classic walls of the Cluny (stopping in for some skull scouting in a nearby convent garden courtyard) & the third veers over to the Pantheon and for a quiet glimpse of Paris’s medieval walls. Fun Frog trivia will be picked up such as who the biggest dragon-lady Queen of France was (& why she died in exile & poverty!), where Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg had their first tryst, which dive cafe Hemingway & Fitzgerald dined on the cheap. Hunters gain a sense of Paris streets from a fresh, playful and informative perspective. We have two routes of THATRue Marais (starting at Place des Vosges, ending at the Pompidou) in Spanish and will launch this in English by late spring 2016.


THATRue predominately exists for birthday & hen parties, corporate hunts and bookings larger than 15 people. Prices vary depending on whether you want it customized (personalized questions embedded for the person of honor).

However, for the tourist family, there’s a package offer with our Museum hunts (THATLou & THATd’Or). When we meet you at the museum we’ll bring the entirely self-guided THATRue (unlike our museum hunts, it’s not timed, so if it rains you can take a break or return to it another day). However, this means you need to plan your museum hunt prior to whenever you go THATRue-ing. Please note we no longer offer to send hunts to hotels & apartments, as too many were either misplaced by concierges or lost in the mail. There are no exceptions, we only offer to bring the THATRue module when we meet you to host your museum hunt.

The Package Prices for the THATRue (in addition to our THATLou & THATd’Or):

  • –       1 module, including St Sulpice (lasts btwn 1 & 1.5 hours) costs 20€ / team
  • –       2 modules, including Odéon + Cluny (btwn 2 & 3 hours) costs 25€ / team
  • –       3 modules, including Panthéon (a whole afternoon) costs 30€ / team

Unlike THATLou or THATd’Or, teams are as large or small as you’d like, so you may just want to buy your modules for your family to play altogether. We bring the THATRue with us when meeting you at the museum.

Concerning group bookings, we have accommodated groups of up to 150 people for THATRues, using the 3 routes simultaneously, and hosting the prize-giving ceremony at a St Michel (end point) restaurant.

THATd’Or (Musée d’Orsay)

You can read about the first THATd’Or here & here. The important American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay commissioned our first Impressionist hunt. Within the THAT context, THATd’Or is essentially our “luxury line”. The Musée d’Orsay (home to seminal pieces by Van Gogh, Degas, Gaugin, Rodin, Cezanne, Manet, Monet) stands apart from other museums in that it changes & refreshes its collection regularly (every two weeks). It is a tremendous gift to the public (most museums let the dust build in storage), however, it also means that each THATd’Or is pretty much custom-made. For more information on THATd’Or, to see our themes, or a Sample of how it differs from THATLou, please see www.thatdor.com. During the low season there is a 4-person minimum.


Not including museum entry tickets, the standard J’Adore THATd’Or costs 35€/person or for one of our themes is 40€/person.

If you’d like us to get your tickets (discouraged, as the Orsay offers advance on-line purchase), they’ll be an additional 22€ per ticket (Non-EU citizens under 18 enter free, EU Citizens under 26 enter free). The museum’s closed on Mondays & open late on Thursdays.

There aren’t many THATd’Or posts on our blog, apart from this one on John Singer Sargent, and a few on the first AFMO hunt. With demand this will build, however, Daisy (THATLou’s founder) has periodically written about the Musée d’Orsay in the press, such as this Bonjour Paris article.

THATLou Kid Pack (THATKid!), flexible fun for the whole family!

With a special 4-color THATLou pen, the Kid Pack includes a mix-‘n-match Mona Lisa sticker sheet, a Botticelli Spot-the-Difference, as well as various Color-Ins and Michelangelo Connect-the-Dots to reinforce what the kids have seen during their treasure hunt. Nothing aids in learning more than familiarity, exposure and re-pe-ti-tion!

The Kid Pack is flexible on many levels, such as When + Where the kids choose to do it:

  • They can do it in the museum, during the hunt if you’ve opted out of making the hunt competitive
  • On the other hand for families who’ve chosen to break up into two teams (many families of 4 have a one parent + kid play against another parent + kid, some families opt for “friendly competition” against another family) you can take a break after your 90 minute hunt and then return with the Kid Pack for them to spend more leisurely time with key works of art while they complete their exercises
  • A 3rd option is for kids to do their Kid Pack at a restaurant over dinner (nothing like having an uneventful dinner for parents!), at the hotel or during long transport stretches (there are a few pieces within THATKid that require being in person/ within the museum, but those pieces are clearly marked. Many of the exercises can be done later to reinforce the art after you’ve left)

One Kid Pack has a dozen key works of art with challenges applicable to kids from 5 to 12 years old (an easier Ghirlandaio Spot-the-Difference, a shorter Michelangelo Connect-the-Dot), so if you have two children in that range there will be something for both of them – coloring in the French flag in Delacroix’s Lady Liberty for a tot, or working out a sticker puzzle of the Mona Lisa for your older kids (or for that matter deciphering da Vinci’s upside-down-reverse secret code letters!). One Kid Pack is sufficient for a family with 2 kids, since the exercises apply to different ages.

The Kid Pack is only sold in addition to a hunt and costs 15€ for one or 28€ for two, 38€ for three if you’d like one set per child. For more please contact us.

THATMuse (British Museum)

In the latter part of 2016 THAT will hop the Channel to London to launch THATMuse, riding on the coat-tails of success from when the British Museum commissioned us to build & host “The Art of Play” treasure hunt challenge. THATMuse will cover the British Museum, followed by the V&A and NG, to provide a London trio of hunts!